State Council of Defense (WW I): Neighborhood Committee Administrative Files, 1917-1918
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Brief Description: Files for each county include correspondence and questionnaires. Correspondence concerns appointments to committees, war activities, intelligence, unpatriotic activities, requests for pamphlets and posters, and committee organization. Questionnaires concern the organization, activities, and efficiency of county committees. Files also include questionnaires from other organizations involved in wartime activities.
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Illinois State Archives
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Record Series Number: 517/035
Created by: State Council of Defense (WW I) - RG 517
Volume: 9.0 Cubic Feet
Arrangement: Alphabetical by county; chronological by date within folders.
Biographical Note for State Council of Defense (WW I) - RG 517 : On May 2, 1917 the State Council of Defense was created for the duration of the war. It was made up of fifteen persons appointed by the Governor in reference to their special knowledge of subject matter relating to defense. Duties included assisting and cooperating with the Council of National Defense and councils of defense in other states, recommending necessary defense legislation to the Governor and the General Assembly, and carrying out within the state defense plans mutually agreed upon between it and the Council of National Defense. It had authority to adopt its own procedures, form committees outside its membership, organize subordinate bodies for assistance in special investigations, subpoena witnesses, and require testimony. All officers, departments, institutions, and agencies of state government and all local and municipal officers were required to cooperate with the council and render requested aid and assistance (L. 1917, p. 153).
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Neighborhood Committee
State Council of Defense
Unpatriotic Activities
World War I
PreferredCitation: State Council of Defense (WW I), "Neighborhood Committee Administrative Files," Record Series 517.035, Illinois State Archives