Illinois Law Enforcement Commission: Commission Minutes, October 25, 1968-June 4, 1982
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Brief Description: Minutes concern a Cabrini-Green project, criminal justice information systems, police community relations, federal grant applications, court management, adult and juvenile offenders, civil rights, security programs, privacy rights, police training, victim and witness advocacy, federal guidelines, and commission staff hirings, employment practices, funding, appropriations, guidelines, and organization. Also included are agendas, meeting transcripts, membership listings, attendance lists, organizational charts, exhibits, study reports, commission resolutions, grant applications, financial statements, newsletters, press releases, newspaper articles, and related memoranda and correspondence.
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Record Series Number: 575/001
Created by: Illinois Law Enforcement Commission - RG 575
Volume: 17.5 Cubic Feet
Arrangement: Random by record or meeting type (e.g., commission minutes, transcripts, executive committee minutes), then roughly chronological by meeting date thereunder.
Biographical Note for Illinois Law Enforcement Commission - RG 575 : The Illinois Law Enforcement Commission was created by the General Assembly in 1977 to serve a number of functions. It was to serve as the state's official planning agency for the purpose of federal funding; create statewide multi-county regional planning units; develop an annual comprehensive plan to improve the state's criminal justice system; coordinate local, regional, state, and out-of-state enforcement efforts; serve as a clearing house for related information; conduct research studies to improve the system; apply for and equitably distribute federal grant funding; and report annually to the Governor, General Assembly, and interested agencies on the commission's accomplishments and recommendations. It was composed of twenty-one members appointed by the Governor with the consent of the Senate. Membership distribution was to be balanced in relation to state police, local police, and private citizen status; urban and rural condition; and geographic distribution (P.A. 80-805, pp. 2360-2363). The commission was abolished by the General Assembly on January 1, 1983 (P.A. 82-1039, p. 3045).
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Subject Index
Cabrini Green Housing Project
Civil Rights
Criminal Justice
Federal Aid
Illinois Law Enforcement Commission
Juvenile Delinquents
Local Governments
Prison Sentences
PreferredCitation: Illinois Law Enforcement Commission, "Commission Minutes," Record Series 575.001, Illinois State Archives